Unrestored C2 Corvette Has Lived One Interesting Life

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C2 Corvette

There’s a proper way to store cars and a not-so proper way. This poor C2 Corvette has suffered the latter, but there’s still hope for it!

These days, Corvettes (and other collectible cars) are extracted from storage every single day. Some in great shape, some not so much. But rarely do we see cars that were purchased in modern times, only to be neglected and stowed away. Yet, that is exactly what happened to this poor C2 Corvette that we spotted on eBay. The seller reportedly purchased the original, unrestored beauty from Pro Team Corvette back in 1999, only to relegate it to storage shelf status a few years later.

Why anyone would do such a thing is far beyond our understanding, but here we are. The neglected ‘Vette sure looks like a nice car underneath all the junk that’s piled on top of it, at least. The drop top is also an original 427/390 hp car, with a 4-speed manual. The car hasn’t been started since 2004, but the seller says the engine turns, though the brakes are shot. And aside from one replaced quarter panel and a couple of other minor items, pretty much everything is original.

C2 Corvette

But the most interesting thing about this C2 Corvette, aside from the neglect, is its history. The seller reportedly purchased the car with zero documentation, a bold move on their part. But the original owner actually posted an ad in NCRS monthly seeking his old car, which the seller came across. The two hooked up and shockingly enough, the original owner still had all the documentation on the car. Which he was happy to provide the new owner with.

C2 Corvette

So perhaps this story will have a happy ending, after all. We don’t have anything against people who store cars, but we never understand why some just don’t do it right. This C2 Corvette certainly deserves better, and we hope it all pans out!

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