An Updated Corvette ZR1 is Coming, and It’ll Be a Monster!

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Everyone, including myself, is talking about the future mid-engine Corvette. But in the meantime, there’s still a monster ‘Vette in the works, and it’ll carry the familiar ZR1 badge. The ZR1 will be based on the current 7th-generation architecture, but still be a beast on the road and on the track.

According to Car and Driver, who have spy shots on their site of the car being tested, the new car will have a supercharged LT4 engine making around 700 horsepower. We reported recently that there might be a LT5 making 750 horsepower coming in the Zora, but they’re not expecting that much power here. If it were to make that much power, Car and Driver believes they’ll need to limit power and torque in the lower gears to avoid the tires melting instantly.

Like that’s a bad thing?

This swansong Corvette is expected to rock the Tremec 7-speed manual transmission, though GM’s new 10-speed automatic might be an option. Car and Driver also speculates this could be the last manual-transmission Corvette, because they believe the Zora will be an automatic-only affair.

Expect it to cost over $100,000 when it goes on sale next year as a 2018 model and we can expect to see it as early as January in Detroit. Assuming, of course, that they are right with their speculation.

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