Is a Used Corvette C6 Z06 a Better Buy Than a New C7 Z06?

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C6 Z06

I’m betting there’ll be a few discussions heating up about this one here at Corvette Forum. But it certainly is something to consider.

With some lingering questions about whether the new C7 Z06 lives up to expectations (amid all the craze over the new Chevy supercar), does it make more sense to pay about $30,000 for a C6 generation Z06? Something to ponder, huh?

Well, Car Buzz certainly makes a compelling case by looking at the pros and cons of the 7.0-liter LS7-powered Corvette. Now priced at almost half the cost it was originally, one of the most alluring bits of information presented in the report is that the C6 Z06 gives you the opportunity to own a sports car with a 3.6 second 0-60 mph time and a 11.7 second quarter-mile time at 125 mph for the price of a loaded Miata.

But the Car Buzz report also identifies some quality issues with the sixth-gen Z06 (many noted here at Corvette Forum over the years). Some of the biggest criticisms, of course, have been about the interior, which is quite the contrast to the C7 Z06, which has been improved drastically from the previous model.

Still, the question remains – does the speed, performance, and price of the C6 model make it a better deal?

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