Used C7 Corvettes Now Going for as Low as $40K

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It’s looks like Corvette fans who have been holding out for that can’t-pass-it-up deal on a C7 might be able to treat themselves to a fantastic Christmas gift.

According to Jalopnik, you can now find a used C7 for under $40,000, roughly $15,000 cheaper than a 2017 model. In fact, they found a 2014 manual convertible model with a little over 51,000 miles for $38,944 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They also found a 2014 C7 coupe with only 16,130 miles for $41,000 in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Yep, we’re now at the point where that interesting thing known as a vehicle’s “residual value” has really started to take hold of some of the first C7s introduced to the market.

That said, you might want to hold out a little bit longer. If I recall correctly, there have been early reports that the residual value effect for the 2014 Corvette C7 could result in prices that fall to nearly half of the original sticker.

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Via [Jalopnik]

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