Velocity Celebrates the Holiday Season With 12 Days of Velocity

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For Christmas, I fly to Florida to hang out with my family. And while getting ready to leave for a week can be kind of stressful, I do get to spend a fair amount of time flopped in front of the tube, eating my mom’s cooking and drinking beer with my dad. 
So it’s always cool when there’s a big block of stuff worth watching in the holiday rotation, and this year, Velocity is delivering the goods. Starting Friday, the 12 Days of Velocity will play episodes of all its gearhead programming, including Overhaulin’, Mecum Auctions, and Chasing Classic Cars, along with a bunch of other cool shows from its stable, before wrapping up on New Year’s Day. 
You can check out the full schedule on the press release below.
Personally, I get a kick out of Wheeler Dealers, because I have a soft spot for weird European cars, and it’s cool watching Mike and Edd try to make a profit flipping them. Desert Car Kings is another one I’ve come to enjoy?anyone remember the fiasco with the Barracuda glass??and most of the time, I think the buyers on that show come out way ahead. But which one of Velocity’s shows is your favorite? Leave it in the comments!





–The Network’s Marathon Programming Event Features Top Automotive Shows Beginning
Friday, December 21 to Tuesday, January 1 —

For the second straight year, Velocity is making viewers? holiday wishes come true by rolling out another installment of 12 DAYS OF VELOCITY starting Friday, December 21 at 9 AM ET/PT, and ending on New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1.
Each day Velocity is airing day-long marathons of the network’s hottest, most-watched series including OVERHAULIN?, MECUM AUCTIONS, CHASING CLASSIC CARS, WHEELER DEALERS, and more!
Velocity audiences will enjoy the following lineup: 

Friday, December 21 
Wednesday, December 26
Monday, December 31 
This fall, the ultimate tag-team of automotive authority and mechanical mastery take to the streets in the hunt for prize cars that bring home the bacon. WHEELER DEALERS is the definitive auto restoration series, as veteran car dealer Mike Brewer and ace mechanic Edd China embark on a mission to locate and restore iconic cars that turn a serious profit. This season they are on an international road trip, finding and fixing rare classic cars while offering expert automotive advice and test drives for viewers along the way. 

Saturday, December 22 
The McClure family business, Desert Valley Auto Parts, houses more than 10,000 rust-free vehicles on more than 100 sun-baked Arizona acres. Not content with merely providing original parts for thousands of car collectors and restoration junkies each year, the McClures and their rag-tag crew are constantly on the hunt for cars to restore — seeking them out in backyards, barns and even on their own massive lot. Their goal is restoring these classic American cars to original glory, and getting them back on the road while discovering the unique and historically significant qualities of each car. 
Sunday, December 23 
Thursday, December 27 
This series takes a close look at the work of automotive industry legend Boyd Coddington whose work personified the American hot rod. From his small town farm in Rupert, Idaho, Coddington moved to California, reinvented the hotrod in the sixties, and in just a few years became a star, building the finest and most celebrated hot rods in the world. Coddington passed away in 2008 at the age of 63. 
Monday, December 24 
Tuesday, January 1 
Hosted by high-end car collector and enthusiast Wayne Carini, CHASING CLASSIC CARS welcomes viewers into the elite world of high-end automobile collection. Viewers gain insight into Wayne’s elite exclusive inner circle as he travels the globe to search for, buy, restore and sell some of the finest and most unique vehicles ever manufactured. Wayne’s straight-shooting sensibility and passion for everything on wheels makes CHASING CLASSIC CARS a must-see for car lovers everywhere. 
Tuesday, December 25 
Sunday, December 30 
Restoration king Chip Foose and his team of Chris Jacobs and Jessi Combs remodel tired trucks and idle autos into works of art as a surprise for the vehicle’s well-deserving owner. Go inside the garage as the team reviews thousands of submissions in need of OVERHAULIN?. From a 1965 Chevy Impala to a 1967 Camaro, the OVERHAULIN? crew transforms a variety of vehicles into works of art their owners will marvel at. 
Friday, December 28 
Barry White knows how to build custom cars. In each episode of WRECKS TO RICHES, Barry White’s Speed Shop?with its unlikely team of mechanics, hangers-on and family members?buy a dilapidated classic car, and use original equipment reproduction parts to rebuild the car into an icon of the road. Then they try to turn a profit by selling the car. White judges each restoration a success only if he can make his money back. 

Saturday, December 29 
It’s a red carpet event where the cars are the stars and Dana ?The Dealmaker? Mecum is running the show. Dana’s auctions blend some of the best dramatic elements of sports, reality and game shows. Each MECUM AUCTION features real buyers and sellers in a competitive display of bidding prowess as they contemplate what each car is worth. 


John Coyle is a longtime auto journalist and editor who contributes to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among many other sites.

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