Vengeance Racing Gets 660 RWHP out of New Z06

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Vengeance Racing 2015 Corvette Z06 Home

The race to get more power out of the new Corvette Z06 is on, and one of the first performance companies out of the gate appears to be Vengeance Racing.

Within 48 hours of getting their hands on the new Z06, Vengeance Racing managed to get 660 RWHP and 663 RWTQ out of the car with only an additional pulley and a modified AFE cold-air intake.

The numbers, posted in a Corvette Forum thread here by Ron at Vengeance Racing are pretty impressive, especially when you consider they were achieved in less than two days.

In contrast, High Tech Corvette’s recent dyno run of a stock Z06 yielded numbers of 572 RWHP and 589 lb-ft of torque when tested in real-world conditions as highlighted in the video below.

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