Inside Vengeance Racing’s 1,000-Horsepower C7 Corvette

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Vengance Racing C7 2

How do you go about breaking the record as the first C7 putting out 1,000 horses? Well, with a lot of power, of course. Which is part of the reason why the more we learn about Vengeance Racing’s Stingray, the more we’re intrigued.

Super Chevy has compiled a pretty great read on how the menacing C7 first came to life, evolving from a burnout at the dealership to a coveted piece of machinery packed with one hell of a blower and Nitrous Outlet kit, added with a Novi 1500 Supercharger.

Oh, and we can’t forget the second dose of nitrous that was added along with the methanol race gas to crack that coveted 1,000 horsepower mark. All while using a stock bottom-end LT1, stock clutch, stock drivetrain, and fully stock injectors.

All and all, Vengeance Racing says they pulled off the feat with only five major changes, which is why folks will probably be discussing this C7 mod for years to come.

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Via [Super Chevy]

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