Vengeance Racing’s Hellacious 1,250-HP C6 Z06

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Vengeance Racing’s C6 “From Hell” Hits the Dyno

It’s hard to ignore an all-black sixth-gen Z06 being touted as the “Corvette From Hell.”

Then again, you probably shouldn’t, especially if it hails from the tuning team at Vengeance Racing.
With that name alone, you know there’s always something menacing being cooked up behind the scenes at the Georgia-based shop.

As you might recall, Vengeance Racing are the ones responsible for pulling off the first-ever 1,000-horsepower C7 Stingray that set off a huge power war in the world of C7s. And yet, this more recent creation is even more inane.

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How insane? Try a dyno run with a max power of 1,250 HP, as highlighted in a recent The Drive report.

If the numbers alone don’t impress you (which we can’t imagine why), then just wait ’til you hear this monstrous ‘Vette in action in the video above. In fact, we gather from some of the Vengeance team members covering their ears that simply hearing this thing rumble is enough to keep most would-be contenders at bay.

Some of the Z06’s specs include an all-forged LS6 427-ci V8, a pair of 68/70 Precision turbos with twin air-to-water intercoolers, and a full-length, four-inch exhaust system. According to reports, that 1,250 HP run was spun off at 22 psi. But Vengeance claims that the “Corvette From Hell” is capable of 38 psi.


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