Vengeance Racing’s C7 Z06 Is Proof of Higher Power

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vengeance racing c7 z06 corvette

I worked tirelessly to describe Vengeance Racing’s C7 Z06, but I finally decided Corvette Forum Senior Member keagan did it best by saying, “Good Laaaawwwd!!!”

Yep, that pretty much captures the sentiment. So much so that I have to believe the Good Lawd above is a Corvette fan, ‘cause how else can you explain the beauty displayed in this thread, which details what happens when Vengeance Racing teams up with LG Motorsports and Weld Racing to power up a C7 Z06 on 15″ drags.

15" drags corvette c7 z06

The only thing I don’t like about this thread is that it starts out by saying, “While it may not be for everyone, we certainly appreciate the added traction…” Just wait a minute right there, buddy. What kind of sick-o isn’t “it” for?

If you think this car is beautiful on the outside, just take a look at the thread which takes you intricately inside. But don’t be fooled by the glamour shots; there’s serious blood and sweat that goes into pumping out 745 rear-wheel horsepower and 724 rear-wheel torque. Good Laaaawwwd!

Vengeance Racing is planning on taking this bad boy out for testing over the weekend in the WGF half-mile and then the quarter-mile after that. You can bet we’ll be following along closely.

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