Vengeance Racing’s Matrix-themed C7 Is a Scene-stealer

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This supercharged Z06 truly is The One.

If your last name is Anderson and you’re a fan of The Matrix Trilogy, you’ve got to play it up a little, right? That’s what one Mr. Nathan Anderson did with his C7 Z06. Instead of keeping it stock, he took it to Georgia-based Vengeance Racing. To say the least, this ‘Vette makes everything on the strip look like it’s moving in slow-motion “bullet time.”

This video is short and sweet. It’s heavy on effect and on cool birds-eye shots of this Z06 being built. But there isn’t much talking, and that’s fine with us. We see the LT4 get stripped down and rebuilt with Vengeance Racing CNC cylinder heads, an LLSR valvetrain, and Prospeed ACM Secondary Injection. But the star of the show is the massive chrome ProCharger F1X superchargerĀ and similarly shiny Vengeance Racing valve covers. Backing that all up is an ECS 10-rib drive system, a built Circle D 8L90E automatic transmission with stall converter, an upgraded LG Motorsports spherical rear suspension, and an upgraded fuel system.

Vengeance Racing's 1,350-horsepower C7 Z06.

The result is a modern Zo6 that makes an incredible 1,352 horsepower. We see footage of it ripping and snarling on a dyno. Then there’s the main attraction: The drag strip. It dusts a number of cars, a Cadillac CTS-V, a Dodge Viper, and a Lamborghini among them. Then we see it running a quarter-mile at 178.14 miles per hour.

Vengeance Racing's 1,350-horsepower C7 Z06.

In keeping with the theme, the car looks to be finished in Chevy’s Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic, which is a nice move on Mr. Anderson’s part. As always, Vengeance’s latest Corvette is a work of art and an absolute monster on the drag strip. We’re hoping to see a lot more of this car in the future. After all, if The Matrix has taught us anything, there’s a lot out there to outrun. We’re just glad to see that there’s finally a Matrix-related car that’s cooler thanĀ a first-generation Cadillac CTS.

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