Seahawk Fred Jackson Goes Beast Mode, Crashes 2016 C7 Corvette

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We don’t think this is the type of action Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was talkin’ ’bout, boss.

In the early evening yesterday, Lynch was spending his time checking on teammate Fred Jackson after Jackson lost control of his brand new Chevy Corvette and ran it into a stop sign, just outside the Seahawks’ practice facility.

Initial reports from TMZ (you might laugh, but at this point, the site’s reporting is usually spot on, regardless of how sensational the content usually is) say that Jackson was drag racing, possibly with Lynch. But secondary articles from outlets like the Seattle Times, and a tweet from Jackson himself, say things went differently.

“There is no evidence he was drag racing anyone,” Renton police spokesman David Leibman said. “He was leaving the facility, and he was clearly driving too fast when he hit a street sign.”

I wasn’t there, but I would take this with a grain of salt. At 2-4, the last thing the Seahawks need are more distractions, and it’s not out of the question for things like this, especially when nobody was hurt, to be swept under the rug.

Though Jackson only signed to Seattle in early September, he and Lynch have long been friends since spending plenty of time on the Buffalo Bills, where both running backs started their careers.

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