Youtuber’s ‘Vette Kart Gets New Turbos, Breaks Records

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Testing new turbos on Leroy the VetteĀ kart ended up with a drag racing personal best.

Youtuber Cleetus McFarland is never satisfied with the performance of his C5 Vette kart. As such, after his performance at LS Fest, he’s decided to upgrade his turbos. Going from Precision’s 6470 to 6870 series should help at the top end of things, and hopefully produce more impressive times and higher trap speeds.

The video above shows how McFarland went about the install, but it’s the passes that we know you’re most interested in since the car doesn’t really perform any different when just sitting in a shop. McFarland also put freshly cleaned injectors in as well, and decided to go straight to the strip for testing, instead of a dyno.

Leroy Vette Kart C5

Bradenton Motorsports Park, McFarland’s home track, was the right location to make a few passes, but there was a disclaimer involved. “I know you guys want to see a 7, but bear in mind today it is hot. We are just testing out these new turbos.” That said, the initial run proved that even though it was in the 9’s due to a less-than-perfect launch, the trap speed was only 5 miles per hour shy of their fastest. Time to crank up boost on the Vette kart!

Now that a baseline had been established, it was time for a faster run, but not right away. As night fell, so did the temperatures which made for better conditions. While still essentially “testing” the turbos, McFarland decided to leave two-step engaged a bit longer for a better 60ft time, and see if the new turbos could continue to be the strongest point all the way through the trap. It worked, and even though the 60ft time was still somewhat unimpressive, McFarland set a personal best of 8.375 @167. Not bad for some “testing!”

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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