Dyno-Mite! 1,500-Horsepower C6 Corvette ZR1 Revs Up

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new High-Powered-Corvette

Ever wonder what a 1,500 horsepower ZR1 Corvette sounds like on a dyno? Well, this 50-second video clip below will probably be music to your ears.

Then again, even if you’ve witnessed a Corvette cranking out that kind of power, hearing another one certainly isn’t a bad way to blow off a quick minute of your time.

Modified by the team at D3 Performance, the ZR1 gets much added power from a ProMod 88mm turbocharger coupled with the car’s factory blower, as highlighted in an Auto Evolution report.

There’s certainly no mistaking this bad blue machine for a run-of-the-mill C6. Just hearing this thing rumbling is enough to send most car buffs into overdrive, so we can only imagine what it’d feel like sitting behind the wheel of this beast.

Yup, this is one ‘Vette we’d pay top dollar to race on the track.

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Via [Auto Evolution]

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