Corvette Battles Nissan GT-R R35 in Drag Race

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Chevrolet Corvette Z51

Honestly, the DuPont Registry note below, which updated their story about this Corvette and Nissan GT-R drag race, is a good indication of how the clip pans out.

“Editor’s Note: The previous version of the video stated the Corvette was a Z06, but it was actually a Corvette with the Z51 package. Both the video and article have been updated.”

Yup, that sort of mix up is almost as confusing as Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Sure, they both belong to the same party, but they both have entirely different personalities when it comes to working a crowd.

Clearly, PRonTheRoad, who posted the original video on YouTube, must not have a clear idea of what a Z06 is capable of in a race. If so, they would’ve known immediately that a drag run between a GT-R and the 650-horspower ‘Vette would have probably turned out a lot different than the one below, where the Nissan is paired against a 450-horsepower C7.

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Via [DuPont Registry]

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