Corvette Fail: “That’s a Hit and Run Baby!”

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[VIDEO] Corvette Fail: That's a Hit and Run Baby!

Like we haven’t seen this happen before. Corvette driver decides to show off while leaving a car gathering and all hell brakes loose. At least we know the windshield wipers work.

The driver throws the Corvette into a burnout while pulling out of a parking lot but ends up spinning around and facing the way he just left. Like a BOSS, he floors it and spins 180 degrees and takes off, but once again he’s too hot on the throttle. The C5 Corvette crosses the centerline and appears to strike a blue pickup truck before heading off down the road.

On the video, you hear one witness say ?Did you hear that?? while another says ?That’s a hit and run baby!?

Something tells me we haven’t heard the end of this story.


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