Corvette ZR-1 Battles Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

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Corvette vs CT-S V

There’s nothing like a little friendly rivalry among relatives – even if they are more like distant cousins.

Then again, I guess being birthed from the same parent (General Motors) would make the Corvette ZR-1 and Cadillac CTS-V more like distant brothers than cousins. Either way, it’s clear the ‘Vette packs a much quicker punch in this battle between performance cars, as highlighted in the GTBOARD video below.

Not even a bad start or poor shifting on the part of the ZR-1 can save the high-powered Caddie in this family duel. A few seconds after regrouping, the Corvette completely blows away from the CTS-V, in essence proving that all siblings definitely aren’t created equal.

Of course, the fact that the Corvette is a lot lighter than the CTS wagon probably helps as well.

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