Hottest Corvette Ride Alongs Video Compilation

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Wanna Improve the Look and Feel of a Corvette? Take a Beautiful Girl for a Ride Along!

We love everything the Chevy Corvette represents. Freedom, power, and tons of badassery. But, more importantly, a big middle finger to the Europeans!

Regardless of which generation Corvette you’re a fan of, they all excel at turning heads and dropping jaws. Of course, those two reactions are enjoyed even more when performed by a beautiful girl buckled into the passenger seat. If you thought it was cool to mash the throttle all the way down, just wait until you see some of these passenger’s reactions!

As the internet continues to “evolve,” one of the growing trends is that of the ride along. It’s not just Corvettes either, as owners of most every type of performance car have gotten into making ride along videos. It’s a pretty simple premise really: take a beautiful sports car and invite an attractive lady to sit shotgun. Then you fire it up, hammer on the gas pedal, and watch the screaming and giggling that inevitably ensues.

Of course, for our purposes, the Corvette ride alongs are the best of the bunch. As such, we’ve compiled the top six Corvette ride along videos we could find on YouTube, and brought them here for your viewing pleasure.


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