Video: Are You up for a Hot Lap at Sebring Raceway in a C7 Corvette?

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I really need to dial up one of these professional driving schools to see if they’d be up for whipping me around a track in a C7 with a more experienced driver at the helm.

As much as I love being behind the wheel myself, I certainly realize there are a lot of people more qualified to give me a better feel of what the new Corvette is really capable of.

Take for example, our friends at CorvetteBlogger who had an opportunity to do a hot lap around Sebring International Raceway with an instructor from the Bondurant High Performance Driving School in their 2014 Stingray, as seen in the video below.

That’s got to be an experience worth a few bucks, right?

In fact, the idea of just being in a C7 at Sebring is pretty monumental itself, considering the history tied to the Florida track and Corvette racing.

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