Video pokes fun at battle between Corvette and Nissan GT-R

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Nissan vs Corvette text

I’ve got to be honest: I really don’t know what to make of this video.

Posted by Car Throttle, the four-plus-minute clip pits the Corvette against the Nissan GT-R in a number of different tests like drag racing, a winter traction comparison and street cred.

Well, sort of.

Practically all of the tests aim to put some comedic spin on a battle between the two sports cars. The trouble is, a lot of it seems more intent on entertaining the guys who made the clip rather than the true fans of the cars.

There are also a few surprise appearances from celebrities like Vin Diesel and Simon Cowell of American Idol that help to drive the video along, but if you’re a die-hard Corvette fan interested in a serious matchup against the Nissan GT-R, you might find this more annoying than anything.

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