Houston’s Cars & Coffee Is a Corvette Lover’s Dream

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Let’s make one thing clear: Cars & Coffee is damn near heaven on earth for any car lover. Most C&C events are typically jam packed with every type of ride — old, new, big, small, and everything you could ever want. The Southern California events I have attended are lined with rows and rows of unique combinations. It’s not uncommon to see a Ferrari parked next to a Jeep, directly across from a few air-cooled Porsches. The variety is always second to none. But as it turns out, Houston’s Cars & Coffee gathering happens to be quite nice to those that love American muscle.

It makes perfect sense that the land of high speed limits, massive donuts, and John Hennessey is the ideal spot for burnout-happy machines, Corvettes in particular. The video below shows off the truly special buffet of Corvettes at a recent Houston Cars & Coffee event, all lined up and happy to be there. The neat part is that the majority of this group seems to be well above the standard fair — my eye caught several Z06s and other special models.

Texas, reminding you to get your mid-engine crap out of here.

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