Watch on 5 Cameras as 750-HP Lingenfelter ZR1 Burns Up Track

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Corvette Lingenfelter ZR1 750hp

If you’re a C6 ZR1 fan, it doesn’t get any better than this video, not when it comes to encapsulating the pure performance capabilities of the car. Well, aside from being behind the wheel yourself.

For starters, the Corvette who stars in the video below spent time with the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering team and features a 750 horsepower supercharged engine. That’s enough to turn most ZR1 fans on, considering the great success that Lingenfelter Performance has historically had with the car.

But there’s more to revel in here, like the fact that the clip features Cesare Manfredini, ex-F3000 racer and SuperFormula European champion, behind the wheel. He impressively pushes the ZR1 on an insane run around a track during a Monza Speed Day in Italy last year, as highlighted in a GM Authority report.

Then there’s the fact that the video, posted on Corvette Forum by member naska, gives you multiple camera views of the run, from inside the car and out on the track. As many as five different views at a time.

It’s at times dizzying, but the full ten minutes of action leaves no question why many still consider the ZR1 one of the best Corvettes ever.

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via [GM Authority]

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