Blown C6 Corvette Clocks 4.0 Run at 190 mph

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Drag C6

After covering all those classics and custom C7s, this might not be the prettiest Corvette I’ve written about here at Corvette Forum, but I certainly wouldn’t want to come across this beast on the strip. But that makes it attractive in its own right, as you’ll see in the video below, posted by Urban Hillbilly Videos.

The 2008 blown C6 driven by Jason Michalak with the Bad9er race team can be seen consistently running in the 4.0s at over 190mph during the Texas Radial Round Up at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas.

The menacing C6 features a Screw Blown BAE Hemi tuned by Billy Stocklin and 315 Drag Radials clearly supported by a pretty damn good team. Congrats to everyone who put in the work to help pull off this amazing run.

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via [Urban Hillbilly Videos]

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