Is this the Meanest C7 Corvette You’ve Ever Seen?

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Mean C7

This might be the meanest C7 you’ve ever seen. It certainly ranks as one of the most powerful, based on what the owner has to say about it in the BigKleib34 video below. We’re talking 3,500 hp, which explains why it was able to pull off a low-4-second pass at Cecil County Dragway.

This Corvette is so fast that just watching the video of this thing blasting off had me scurrying for a seat belt while sitting at my desk.

Even cooler is the fact that practically every panel on the 2014 Corvette is factory except for the front end, which was created from a mold of an actual C7.

Given that this is the first time the car has been on the track competitively, I’m sure we can expect to hear a lot more from this one down the road. So keep your eyes (and ears) open.

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via [BigKleib34]


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