Corvette Z06 Sucks Down Serious Gas at 185mph

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JH Run

Nobody said owning the new Z06 was supposed to be cheap, even when it comes to keeping that baby fueled up.

Still, the hpedesign video below that shows exactly how much gas Chevy’s new track star uses on an all-out performance run is mind boggling, to say the least.

In the clip, shot during a recent test run of the Z06 by Texas tuner John Hennessey, the camera zeroes in on the gauges with the accompanying sound of that 650-horsepower V8 roaring in the background. And while the speedometer and tachometer take center stage (the Z06 tops out at 185 mph), it’s the fuel gauge that has most people buzzing, as highlighted in a recent Road & Track report.

The raw breakdown, assessed from the clip, shows the bone stock 8-speed automatic Z06 going through nearly one-sixteenth of a tank, or roughly 1.15 galons of gas on the run.

Then again, if the cost of fuel is a major concern, you’re probably better off buying something other than a Z06.

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via [Road & Trackhpedesign]

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