Viper ACR Could Reveal a Telling End to ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

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Viper ACR Lead

Spoiler Alert: in the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the resurrected Darth Vader, in whatever form he potentially returns, will ultimately meet his end.

That’s my theory at least. And really, it’s the only reasonable explanation for the TV spot below, which features the Dodge Viper ACR masked as the feared leader of the evil empire, given that the days of the Dodge supercar seem to be drawing to an end.

Darth Vader

Even wilder, Auto Evolution suggests that the ad might even be taking direct aim at the Corvette in the promo for the film. Apparently, the ACR’s number plate that reads “LKH457” refers to the CR90 corvette battleships that got destroyed in Star Wars.

I imagine you’d have to be really entrenched in the Star Wars franchise to really make sense of some this stuff. Either way, the ad is pretty clever. Still, you can taunt all you want, Dodge, but the Viper’s sales figures and impending cancellation speak for themselves.

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Via [Auto Evolution]

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