Viper Club Blows Up C4 Corvette With Explosives and a .50 Cal

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I like to think that all of us here at Corvette Forum are pretty welcoming and understanding people. We appreciate lots of different ideas, modifications, model years, and usage scenarios. We support the autocrossers, the C2 enthusiasts, the drag racing C7 crowd, and we were even accepting when someone grafted a C7 tail onto a C5 and destroyed those amazing round taillights we all love so much.

But if there is one generation of Corvettes that usually gets less love than most, it would be the C4. When it debuted it was a modern marvel of design and technology, but the years have not been kind to the machine, and today it is considered by most to be the lesser of all Corvettes.

But even if you agree that the C4 is a ‘Vette abomination, this video is still hard to watch. A group of Viper owners decided that they wanted to express their anti-love for the Corvette by destroying one. So they rounded up an old C4, filled it with a few pounds of tannerite, and then proceeded to shoot it with .50 caliber rounds until it exploded.

I hate to see any Corvette go up in flames, but if it has to be one, I am glad it was a C4. I’m also glad they used guns and explosions, because what better way is there to destroy America‚Äôs sports car than in the most American way possible?

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