Drag Race: Viper TA vs. Corvette Z06

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It’s been a battle for the ages between the Corvette and the Viper. Back and forth, back and forth. Each side saying they’ve got the fastest American supercar on the planet.

Well, both Chevy and Dodge have upped their games for the newest iterations of their flagship performance cars, and each could, technically, lay claim to the title. That, however, will not satisfy the hardcore enthusiasts on both sides of the debate.

The only way the Viper vs. Corvette argument can be ended is with a drag race. Thankfully, there are people in the world who have these cars and take them to the drag strip.


The following video shows what happens when you pit Chevy’s Corvette Z06 against Dodge’s Viper TA. Hint: All hell breaks loose when the drivers put their feet down.

If you’re a Dodge fan, you’ll be calling BS. If you’re a Corvette fan, you’ll be jumping for joy. I’m a bit more of a Viper fan, but damn, that new Corvette Z06 is incredibly fast.


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