TV Hosts Rave Over C7 Corvette Surprise Birthday Present

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Right This Mind C7

I think sometimes we have to remind ourselves that while most of us have been admiring the C7 for quite some time, the seventh-generation Corvette is still stirring up a lot of great first-look comments from those who don’t necessarily follow the auto industry.

Take for example, the coverage the C7 recently got on the viral video TV show, Right This Minute, in which the show’s hosts go nuts about how hot the new ‘Vette looks in a clip they’re discussing.

The clip shows a dad receiving a 2015 C7 as a surprise birthday present. It was first posted on YouTube by exoticcars19, and it’s pretty entertaining itself. After the man’s wife purchases the Corvette a couple of weeks earlier, she parks it outside the restaurant they’re eating at for Dad’s birthday lunch. Then their son just walks up and opens the door to the car as his father watches, with no idea of what’s really going on.

It’s great. But really, as you can see in the video below, it’s the excitement that the hosts seem to genuinely show for Dad being surprised with such a hot Corvette that I think many will appreciate here at Corvette Forum.

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via [Right This Minute]

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