VP Biden Chooses C7 Corvette for His Next Car

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With His Second Term as Vice President Ending, Joe Biden Is Planning on Buying Another Corvette After Leaving the White House

Joe Biden may stand as our nation’s most enthusiastic Vice President ever, when it comes to cars. His fondness for American V8 power is about to get a bit deeper, too. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Biden announced he’s buying another Corvette after leaving office.

Biden is no stranger to American muscle, with a 1967 Corvette and a 1956 Chevy already in his collection. Naturally, including another of America’s most popular sports car will be an easy addition to his stable.

Security details for the sitting VP mean Biden hasn’t been permitted to drive for the past eight years. Barring one joy ride with Jay Leno, Joe’s cars have sat unused since 2008. Not being able to drive for eight years is probably more agonizing than it sounds, so you can only imagine the Vice President’s excitement at the prospect of a new C7. But which one will he choose?

The Stingray is a great car on its own, but with the new Grand Sport out, that may be more to Joe’s liking. Perhaps he could opt for a Z06, since he does seem to appreciate a good burnout. Or, will he wait for the LT5?

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