Did VP Biden just get his Hands on a Sweet C7 Corvette?

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Far be it for me to start spreading rumors, but this one here is pretty interesting, true or not.

After hearing Vice President Joe Biden rave so much about the new Corvette Stingray, it appears he might have recently taken delivery of one, according to an autoevolution report.

Of course, the details are pretty sketchy as they usually are with any unconfirmed reports coming out of Washington, but that license plate that says “THE VP” certainly makes it believable following Biden’s earlier discussion about how much he liked the C7 at that national UAW meeting.

I mean, hey, if I was the VP and was pulling down that reported base salary of roughly $230,000, I’d certainly have a new Corvette Stingray in my personal garage.

There is, however, that small issue of why any of Biden’s secret servicemen would agree to let him ride around in a bright yellow Corvette with “VP” plastered on his plate. Then there’s also the question of whether he’s the type that would feel the need to advertise his VP position on the street.

I’m sure there will probably be a lot of discussion about that later one.

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