Wanna Own the First C4 Corvette Released to the Public?

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1st C4 Corvette

If you’re in the market for a Corvette with a really good origin story, pay close attention to Lot S8 during Mecum’s 2015 Monterey Auction. Why? Because Mecum is selling off the very first C4 Corvette that was ever made available to the public.

Think back to 1983, when Corvette unveiled the first major redesign of the American icon in 20 years. The 1984 C4 Corvette was a game changer on every level, so much so that you probably remember exactly where you were when you first saw one. Right?

Perhaps that love at first sight moment occurred when the futuristic C4 appeared in the March, 1983 issue of Car and Driver, when Brock Yates called it a “truly stout automobile,” and a “a true-born, world-class sports car loaded with technical sophistication,” according to Mecum.

With its futuristic dash, its .90 G-force on the skidpad (the highest ever recorded by C&D), and its “world’s-best” cornering, the new C4 created automotive history. Particularly, this very car, which has only had two owners, just one since 1987. Highlights include a 350/205 HP V-8 engine with crossfire injection, Gymkhana suspension, Z51 Performance package, and White with Graphite leather interior.

Mecum Monterey takes place August 13-15, so start saving up. There’s no reserve listed on this one, but estimates are between $75,000 and $100,000. Considering C4s aren’t exactly the most prized Corvettes these days, who knows, you may just get yourself a bargain. Regardless of price though, the lucky new owner will undoubtedly be driving home in a piece of automotive history.

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