Thermal Camera Makes Burnouts Even Hotter

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As This Thermal Camera Clearly Demonstrates, Burnout Temperatures Rise Quickly

As automotive junkies, there are simply few things that are more awesome than a good ole burnout. Light the tires up, and watch the smoke ensue: it’s a pretty simple recipe. So what could possibly be better than a burnout? How about watching one through a very expensive thermal camera? Thanks to Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained, we can see exactly that.

In the video above, Jason takes his yellow Honda S2000, puts it in gear, and hits the gas. After only a few seconds, the temperature rises within the contact patch portion of the tire. At it’s hottest, the area reaches over 320-degrees Fahrenheit, and glows bright orange. The best part is that you can actually see tiny, hot chunks of tire flying onto the concrete. Sweet.

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Jason also takes time to experiment with air pressure. He wonders whether or not that will affect the heat of the tire. In short, it doesn’t. But what he does notice — as the tires scream for dear life — is that one section in particular gathers more heat than the others. He concludes that the tires are out of alignment with negative camber, thus the inner portion gets hotter.

Looks like its time to get new tires, Jason. Any chance you can use your thermal camera to film those being shredded, too?

Via [Motor Authority]

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