C7 Corvette Z06 Demolishes Cadillac CTS-V in Drag Race … Oh, Wait a Minute

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C7 Z06 vs Bolt on CTS-V

When it comes to sports cars, if there’s any doubt about whether you’d prefer more luxury features or better performance, then I’m sure this video will probably help clear it up.

Then again, if luxury tops your list of most-desired sports car features, you’d probably be better served on another site rather than Corvette Forum. I hear there are more than a few that cater to those who take a much lighter view on things like horsepower and output.

Here at Corvette Forum, performance is king and everything else comes secondary, which is why most will probably enjoy watching this stock C7 Z06 blow the doors off a bolt on Cadillac CTS-V in a drag race.

The video, posted by TheBayAreaRacing, provides a pretty clear view of exactly how much the Corvette dominated the CTS-V in the run. The clip also provides some nice audio of the performance attributes that make the Z06 such a clear cut winner.

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via [TheBayAreaRacing]

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