Watch Cooper Tire Torture Some Rubber With a C7 Corvette Z06

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A few weeks ago, I got to go to Cooper Tire’s personal testing facility outside of San Antonio, Texas to look at some new SUV tires. While I was there, the cool kids at Cooper also arranged for hotlaps in new Corvette Z06. They would load up their head hot-shoe, throw a journalist in the passenger seat, and then send them flying around the track in a fit of smoke and noise.

Seeing as I was there and I had a few GoPro Cameras with me, there was only one thing to do. So I hope you enjoy the little video I made below. It has plenty of sideways action, lots of smoke, some hard launches, and of course, footage of that lovely Corvette Z06.

Think of it as a great way to start your morning. Exploding petrol and tire smoke has always been a better alternative to coffee.

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