Watch a Corvette Funny Car Decimate a Group of Street Racers

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have AWD and a massive turbo, and routinely smoke Lamborghinis and Ferraris. When someone has more horsepower than God, you’re still going to get smoked, as evidenced in the video below. What we have for you today is a selection of up-and-coming drag racers that all have tuned cars that we showcase here all the time.

The cars racing are extensively modified and have the tendency to shoot flames like they’re at a barbeque with Godzilla. However, what their drivers are getting themselves into is the automotive equivalent of bringing a knife to go head to head with an M1 Abrams tank.

The guys in the following clip battle what is essentially a Corvette funny car that can generate as much as 1,100 rear-wheel horsepower. It also only weighs 2,300 pounds, so it has a clear advantage over its rivals. However, to give the other racers at least a shot at winning, the organizers hold a roll race, putting the Corvette at a slight disadvantage in terms of potentially hooking up properly. That doesn’t exactly happen, though. Take a look and prepare to giggle like an idiot.

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