Watch Jay Leno’s Full C6 Corvette vs. Jet Dragster Segment

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A while back, Jay Leno headed for a different type of garage. At this destination, there weren’t any GNXs, or Lamborghini Miuras, or Cosmos, or Cord 812s, and there wasn’t any deni— wait, of course there was still denim, Leno was there. Still, the cars that awaited Leno and his team at this new garage had more power than all of those cars combined.

Waiting for Leno and his squad were 2015 IHRA Jet Dragster World Champion Elaine Larsen, her husband, and her jet cars at Larsen Motorsports. Before they all begin to talk cars, they talk Larsen, who interestingly enough was a Mennonite. Mennonites, if you aren’t aware, follow a certain religious path that involves adult baptism and live a simple life similar to (but not the same as) the Amish lifestyle. But Mennonites can have cars, and that’s exactly how Larsen’s husband got her attention: with his ’32 Ford deuce coupe.

Anyway, after Leno takes a tour of the Larsen’s facility, the two head out to the track for a little demonstration of Larsen’s jet car. What Leno doesn’t know is that she has her C6 Corvette on the other side of the track waiting for him for a quick drag race. YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO WON!

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