Watch the New Corvette ZR1 Shoot Flames

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Lots of cars shoot flames out the exhaust, but the new Corvette ZR1 does it at wide-open throttle.

When the first information on the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 hit the internet last month, one of the most interesting aspects of the newest supercharged supercar was that it would shoot flames out of the exhaust. Sure, that doesn’t improve performance any, but having fire pour out of the exhaust after you beat someone in a race adds that little extra bit of “cool factor”.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 at Los Angeles Auto Show Rear

There were no real details on the fire show from the rear of the new ZR1, but there are lots of performance cars that shoot flames out of the exhaust when they back off of the throttle. When you are running a car like the 755-horsepower Corvette at wide-open-throttle and back off quickly, the extra fuel makes its way into the exhaust where it ignites and creates the fire from the exhaust tips.

The key difference with the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is that it shoots flames under hard throttle – not just when the car is decelerating.

ZR1 Flaming Exhaust Video

The video above was actually posted to the official Chevrolet YouTube channel last month, but it was unlisted, so only recently has it been spreading across the internet. We can’t see much, as the camera is mounted on the rear corner of the car, aimed in towards the exhaust tips, but it shows as much as we need to see.

Right as the video begins, we hear the transmission shift and immediately a white flame bursts from the exhaust of the new Corvette. As the car continues to accelerate, the fire continues to spray from the back of the car with the sweet accompaniment of the LT5 V8’s exhaust tone and as the short clip comes to an end, the flame switches from white to blue.

This means that those people losing a race to the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 will get a good look at those flames as the 755-horsepower supercar races off into the distance, and that is just plain awesome. Unless you are the driver of the other car, of course.

Patrick Rall is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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