Watch One Man Tear down His ’68 Corvette in Five Minutes

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C3 Corvette Convertible Teardown

Only Superman, and maybe a few other comic book protagonists can tear down a vehicle in five minutes or less, but thanks to the power of time-lapse video, those who hail from planets other than Krypton can be made to look like superheroes.

In the case of this video, the superhero is a man who decides to tear down a 1968 California big block, Tri-Power Corvette convertible all by his lonesome to prepare the car for restoration.

If I were that lone mechanic, I would either have a shop do the restoration for me, or I’d enlist the help of 10 mechanically inclined friends to help me (by “help me”, I mean do the work for me) and then I’d pay them all with cheap booze and a night on the town.



Via [Corvette Online, Corvette Blogger, Jakub]

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