Watch This Supercharged 1953 Corvette Drag Car Absolutely Rip

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Roaring Outlaw C1 drag car sounds amazing, runs like hell.

This Corvette drag car may exist as a ‘53 ‘Vette in appearance only, but we’re happy to see a racer choosing a C1 for this style of drag racing. Indeed, the body panels sit over a Tim McAmis Chassis racing frame. However, most people turn those kinds of frames into ‘68 Camaros, or even a hot-rod Willys. So we’re proud of this Texas racer for showing up at this year’s Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals with a highly modified C1 body atop the frame.

We’re still not quite sure what you’d call this style of car. It vaguely resembles a Pro Modified car, but the body’s radical departure from normal C1 lines probably fits nicely into an Outlaw Pro Mod description. However you want to classify it, we know a few things about it:

    1. It sounds straight-up nasty. Winger Racing Engines in San Angelo, Texas, built this 565-cubic-inch Chevy Big Block. Whatever the cam choice, it lopes like the devil coughing in between bouts of doom-saying. The massive 14-71 supercharger just adds to the nastiness.
    2. It looks the business. With huge wings outlining the rear deck, the rear tires should stay hooked on a prepared surface. This being no-prep, it wanders a bit. However, how good are the diamond-shaped ends of the headers dumping behind the front wheels? The rake is perfect, too. From its appearance, it looks to have the dial cranked to “KILL” at all times, even when standing still.
    3. Horsepower numbers are irrelevant. The owner’s dyno says it makes “enough” horsepower, and with two wins in three rounds of the 1320Video clip above, we agree. With the lights out, if you get to the finish line first, the dyno sheet looks like a bracket that says “WINNER.”

The C1’s motorsport pedigree skews toward road racing, although you won’t struggle to find a few C1 Gassers. However, we kind of love this monstrous C1 Pro Mod. How ’bout you?

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Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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