The C6 Corvette Owner’s Information Video is the Biggest Embellishment You’ll See This Week

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This is what happens when you let your marketing team go nuts with a video budget: hilarious hyperbole and few bold-faced lies. I love Corvettes as much as anyone, and I think the C6 was a massive step forward in terms of performance and design, but watching the introduction to the Corvette owners DVD is the most comedic thing I have seen in weeks. They actually say the Corvette is all about “going flat-out through a decreasing radius, off-camber curve” as a 60-plus-year-old man gingerly drives a C6 Convertible around. The video may as well have been titled, “How to Kill Your New Customers in One Corner”.

If you can make it through the first few minutes, there is some fun and useful information scattered through the two-hour-long film, but really, you are best served laughing at the introduction over and over again.

Seriously, Chevrolet, the Corvette is a true American icon with an undeniable performance heritage, but who in the hell gave this video the OK?!

On the plus side, if you are a new C6 owner looking to find a copy of the owners DVD like member Paulsworld was, you can find it right here, thanks to the power of YouTube. Enjoy.

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