Watch a Twin-Turbo Corvette take down Godzilla and a GSX-R1000

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C6 vs. GTR text image
Maybe Godzilla isn’t the big behemoth to beat after all. In this battle against a twin-turbo C6 Corvette, the Nissan GT-R, nicknamed after the towering monster, seemed far less superior.

A video posted on YouTube by “That Racing Channel” shows the high-powered ‘Vette, modified by MAS Tuning in Saudi Arabia, demolishing an 800-horsepower GT-R.

Note, that’s the tail of the C6 you see in the above photo with video capturing the GT-R lagging behind.

The high-powered C6 also winds up giving a GSX-R1000 motorcycle a run for its money, proving the Corvette is actually a bigger contender on the streets than a lot of people think.

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