Corvette Forum Just Helped Make a New Corvette Owner

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Congratulations Corvette Forum, you just helped one of our members decide to buy a Corvette, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so awesome. One of our newer members, dewoof01, was looking to snag a C5 and found a fairly pristine example at a local Lexus dealer that he has worked with and trusts a lot. The car in question is a Torch Red ’98 with 93k miles on the clock. It’s an automatic car with a few visual additions like vinyl stripes, but overall the car is remarkably clean and unmolested. Aside from the new wheels and an upgraded exhaust system, the car comes with the same equipment it left the factory with. The price was negotiated to $10,500, and our new member wanted our opinion on whether or not he should snag it.

What followed was a mostly thoughtful and informative discussion about early C5 problems, price fluctuations across markets, and more. In the end, dewoof01 decided that this was the car he was looking for, so he snatched it up. Since he took delivery, he’s already pulled off the stripes, and the paint still matches well, and everything seems great.

So a big congrats to dewoof01 on his new C5 purchase. And a big thanks to all of our awesome Corvette Forum posters who helped him make the decision. Keep being amazing, everyone.

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