WeaponX Set Up Might Change Your Mind About Black Wheels

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You know, it never ceases to amaze me how the slightest detail can enhance a car’s look – even something already as striking as the Z06.

Then again, that’s the kind of thing that drives a lot of our friends here at Corvette Forum, like WeaponX Motorsports, a team that continues to come up with some stunning aftermarket setups for the Corvette, as pictured here.

The custom details on this Artic White Z06 (as shared in a thread by [email protected]) include new black chrome Forgeline AR1s and a WEAPONX carbon fiber aero kit.

Now, I’m certainly no mind reader, but I’m betting that if anything is capable of getting more Corvette fans to buy into the idea of black wheels, this WeaponX setup is certainly the thing to do it.

[email protected] says the “pics just don’t do black chrome justice.” But the photos certainly do get you excited about the idea. Right?

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