Famous Pink-Corvette Enthusiast Selling Her Beloved C6

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Oh, c’mon – you know it’s hard to resist. The Corvette that is. Although, we imagine that Angelyne, who’s selling her beloved pink C6 above, would be more than happy to throw in a few signed photographs of herself along with the car, if it’ll help close the deal.

Currently up for sale on eBay, the 2008 Corvette appears to be in pretty good condition, considering it has 190,000 miles on it. In addition to the V8 engine, the car also comes equipped with power seats, a leather interior, CD player, a removable top, and brand new tires. But it’s the fact that the ‘Vette is owned by Angelyne, a well-known Hollywood figure, that really makes it unique.

Now, whether or not the Corvette is worth the current bid of $13,200 is probably more a matter of one’s taste. Personally, I think Angelyne should donate the car to the National Corvette Museum rather than auction it off on eBay. It would make quite an addition to the NCM, especially if the display were accompanied with a few photographs of the pop culture icon posing with the car.

After all, Angelyne has also become quite a fixture in the world of Corvettes, most recently with her pink C7 that she can be seen driving around Hollywood nowadays.

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