West Coast Corvettes Cold Air Screens

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A forum member emailed me for tips on installing these
screens. I copied and pasted my reply here for all to see. Hope this
First of all, you need to remove the black plastic housing
from each of the headlights…turn on the headlights, then switch them off
so that just your parking lights are on and the headlights stay up. (HINT:
Turn OFF your foglights)
There are three little phillips head
screws holding the headlight housings on. Take them off, then rotate the
housing forward and down. They should pop right off. (HINT: When you
replace them, make sure the little tab on the housing slides back into the
little bracket above the headlight so they line up properly.)
are three screws that actually hold the screens in. I THINK they were 10mm
but don\’t hold me to that. Two of them screw forward (the tip is
pointed toward the front of the car) and one of them screws down (tip
toward ground)
If you look at your new screens, you\’ll see two
holes on one end and one on the other end. The two holes that are located
along the bottom of the screens are where the foglight wiring harness
clips in. The hole in the screen near your foglight opening is for the
adjustment screw on your foglight. And I\’m not sure WHAT that little
square hole is.
I actually accessed the screws from three different
angles. I reached in through the headlight bucket. I also reached in next
to the air cleaner box (HINT: if you have an aftermarket air intake
instead of the big black stock airbox, it will probably make things much
easier for you. If not, pop up the handles and remove your airfilter
element. This gives you a little more \”wiggling\” room to get your arm
in there.
I also got UNDER the car and removed all of the little
screws connecting the front nose section to the black plastic piece under
the front of the car. (HINT: You\’ll need to get the car up on
jackstands to do this) I don\’t remember exactly but there were about 5
or 6 of these little screws pointing up, and one on each side pointing
I also removed the center section of the flexible rubber
air dam. This was no big deal, just 2 little screws holding that on …BUT
(BIG HINT: The two screws holding the center flexible air dam section on
are FINE thread, the screws holding the screens in are COARSE thread,
though they have the same size heads. Don\’t get them mixed up as the
fine threaded screws WILL go into the coarse holes but not vice versa.
Trust me on this one!! I was almost finished and had to go BACK IN to find
the one I had installed in the screen! Got it on the THIRD
Once you get the screws out of the screen, you will also need
to pop out the two little tabs that hold the foglight wiring harnes to the
screens. This is easy if you can get to them with a small set of
needlenosed pliers. Pinch the tips and they should slide out. If you
can\’t get to them with pliers, you can work them out with your bare
hands, but it takes some doing.
You will also need to unscrew your
foglight from the car. No big deal, there is only one screw holding the
foglight bracket to the front of the car. No need to actually disconnect
the foglight wiring harness, just unscrew the foglight bracket and set the
foglight down out of the way inside the engine compartment.
the screens will be completely loose and free inside the car. To get them
out, you need to move them as far over toward the outside of the car as
you can, flip them over so that the front (the portion you can see from
the front of the car when they\’re installed) is facing down and work
them up and over the hood bumpers which are sticking up.
To put the
new screens on, simply reverse everything you just did.

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