What’s the Biggest or Craziest Thing You Ever Moved With Your Corvette?

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The Corvette is sold and marketed as a sports car that is actually practical to use every day. With every piece of performance information, Chevy gives you a good compromise. It has 450 horsepower, but it will nearly hit 30 mpg. It has a super-fast automatic transmission, but it’s also smooth shifting around town. It has one of the most advanced suspensions system ever on a Chevy, but that technology makes it comfortable over bumpy roads. Chevy doesn’t see the Corvette as a race car, but as a useable race car.

But how many of you guys actually use it? We have covered the idea of daily driving a Corvette on these pages many times, but what about using it to move things around? The Corvette may only have two seats, but thanks to that large rear hatch, it has an impressive amount of cargo space. So I want to ask what is the biggest, or strangest thing you guys have ever hauled in your Corvette? Are you one of the crazies who straps a Christmas tree to the top of your Stingray? Do you own a petting zoo and have a photo of 500 pounds of horse feed sitting in the back? Do you have a trailer hitch for that amazing tire trailer you use on your track days?

I’m interested in all of that. Do you guys actually use the impressive cargo space in your Corvette? Hop into the forum and share your stories of cargo hijinks involving a Corvette. You get extra points for photos.

I’d also like to take it one step further and ask about what it would take to get you guys to move more things with your ‘Vette? If you had one of those wagon conversions from Callaway, would you be more inclined to grab the Corvette for that Black Friday shopping trip? Would you use it for the grocery run? Or even to snag a few bags of mulch from the local hardware store? Sound off in the forums and let me know!

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