Corvette Owner’s $760 Speeding Ticket Seems Like a Steal

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Upon reading a local story about the huge turnout for Boardwalk Corvettes of Atlantic City’s recent Corvette show in Ocean City, New Jersey, I have to admit the thing that struck me most wasn’t the fact that nearly 400 ‘Vettes were on hand for the show, which is now in its 26th year.

Nope, the thing that struck me most was actually reading about Vicki Rago from Bowling Green, Kentucky who attended the event back in 2008 in her 2007 Corvette Z06, as highlighted in an OC NJ Daily report. At this year’s show, she showed off two keepsakes she holds onto from her trip eight years ago.

One of those keepsakes is a ticket she got after Kentucky State Troopers clocked her doing 196 mph. Though they suspected she was going over 200. Yep, apparently Rago has quite the lead foot. And the other memento is the canceled check for $760 that she had to dish out for the fine. That’s awfully steep, but quite the bargain considering she didn’t get carted off to jail.

Anyways, Rago’s story got me wondering: what’s the most folks here at Corvette Forum have actually had to pay for a speeding ticket? Or is it one of those things that most people just don’t care to share?

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Via [OC NJ Daily]

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