What’s New This Week: Press Release Roundup

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum
This is the kind of thing I really hoped was a joke. I seriously can’t believe that Lamborghini is going to build an SUV. If it was something like the LM002, I might have been able to stomach it. But I almost had a stroke when I saw this piece of crap. I’m depressed about it. And Jack Baruth over at The Truth About Cars summed up my feelings. Anyway this other stuff happened this week.  
* Look, taxes suck. But you have to admit it’s nice when Uncle Sam sends you back some of your hard-earned cash! And if you’ve got some money to throw at your car, check out Superchips’ Tax Rebate Promo! Superchips
* It shouldn’t come as any surprise that MagnaFlow likes it loud. And the trucks of the The Traxxas TORC Series are loud. See where I’m going with this? MagnaFlow is the official sponsor of the series. Sounds like a good match to me. Traxxas TORC Series 
* I met the guys from HRE while I was in Vegas for SEMA last year. And they had plenty of cool stuff on hand. Personally, I’ve been losing my mind over the killer retro supercar wheels they’ve dropped over the last couple months, and their new online catalog is packed with cool stuff. HRE  
* Mikey Thompson is about as synonymous with drag racing as anything else on the planet. Are you surprised that the company is returning as the official sponsor of NMRA drag racing? Because you probably shouldn’t be. Mickey Thompson  
* As much as some folks want it to die, the Volt just isn’t cooperating. In March, sales of the gas/electric hybrid made a big?as in 50%?jump. It remains to be see whether people will jump back in to SUVs if the price of gas drops by a nickel, but the General is optimistic. PR Newswire
* I have to admit it’s been a little while since I used a map. Or at least a map that wasn’t displayed on my phone. But the new interactive products from Rand McNally look pretty sweet. Rand McNally

John Coyle is a longtime auto journalist and editor who contributes to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among many other sites.

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