7 Reasons Why the C7 Z51 Option Tops Z06

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Corvette Z06 or the Z51 option? That seems to be an ongoing debate in the world of C7s.

Yeah, we know both offer a few special perks all to their own. But after scouring though the comments in a thread started here by Corvette Forum member Randy G., we think we have a pretty good sense of why the Z51 might be the better pick. Here’s seven of the top reasons why…

1. Pure mathematics, in that the Z51 costs less than the Z06.

2. The C7 Z51 option is a better everyday car for the road and highway.

3. If you don’t track your C7, the extra cost for a Z06 is really a waste.

4. 460 horsepower is more than enough for most.


5. Cost again. This time cost of ownership for five years, as highlighted in the graph above provided by CF member Bui.

6. Save yourself the frustration of the Z06 overheating on the track.

7. If you chose to trade it in later, the loss will probably be less on the C7 with the Z51 option.

Agreed? We’re guessing a lot of you Z06 owners feel differently.

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