What’s the Worst Mod You’ve Ever Done to Your Corvette?

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Regrettable Corvette Mods

We’ve all got regrets, but we want to know, what mods have you done to your Corvette that you wish you’d never done?

Life, as they say, is full of regrets. And this is very much true in the world of cars. We’ve all bought or driven something that we eventually hated. And the same goes for modifications. Sometimes, changing things up on our Corvette works out exactly the way we hoped it would. Other times, those changes turn out to be total, regrettable disasters. Thus, Corvette Forum member CocoVette thought it would be prudent to find out what mods his fellow Corvette owners regret the most.

“What is the one modification or change you’ve done to your Corvette that you regret and wish you could take back. Or just couldn’t deal with? I swapped my stock exhaust for headers and a non-catted x-pipe. Worst decision ever. Waste of time and money. Had to put it back to stock, never been happier. The noise was amazing, the smell was horrible.”

Regrettable Corvette Mods

Funny enough, quite a few of our members have zero regrets. Well, at least for chefcg1, that goes only for Corvette mods.

“Absolutely nothing. Happy with every modification! I only wish I had the same success with my last two wives. If modding them would have been so easy and satisfying it would have saved me thousands. And I’d be posting on the McLaren forum.”

A surprising number of members, including Kevin A Jones, don’t even bother with mods anymore.

“NO mods for my ’17 GS convertible. I’ve learned to appreciate and respect originally as a result of my search for stock C2s and C3s over the years.”

Regrettable Corvette Mods

For OH THREE Z, regrets are simply going with one tune over another.

“Should have added a flex fuel setup and ran E. My full bolt-on car smelled like 1965 before my flex fuel mod. Now it smells curiously pleasant (at least to me).”

DAVE396LT1 almost got to the point of no return with his Corvette before other members talked him down from the ledge.

“I almost put stripes on. I got this far, asked for some opinions because I wasn’t sure, and pulled them back off.”

C7 Corvette

Which is pretty common with appearance mods. In fact, joemessman went through the same regrets, albeit after installing some on his Corvette.

“Side skirts and a splitter. Hated them and took them off. Didn’t like the looks and they just got in the way. I didn’t have any rock chips on the sides of the car anyway. Only a few marks on the OEM plastic film in front of the rear wheels. I don’t’ know what got into me in the first place to install those.”

Most of us have been there, of course. So we want to hear from you. Head over here and tell us which mods you’ve made to your Corvette that you regret the most!

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